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How You Can Help

As we support our veterans we rely on support from our community.  There are a number of ways to get involved with our organization.  Here are some of the ways that you can join our cause and help us help them.

  • We need your financial help to get our mission accomplished. Our goal is to collect $110,000 by October 2020 to be able to accomplish our goal of providing life changing resources for military veterans in our area. We will use this money to lease building space to house a gym where veterans can work out with other veterans in an atmosphere that provides camaraderie and support. We have found that veterans are not comfortable walking in to an office area looking for someone that will talk to them about some of the concerns or problems they are having. When they are engaged in a worthwhile activity, like physical fitness training, and there are other like minded individuals around to socialize with, they are more comfortable sharing ideas and suggestions.

    With your financial help we can give veterans a place to congregate and support one another. Please donate. Any amount will help.

  • Volunteer

    The Center’s success will rely on partnerships within the community that consist of professionals who will create the most beneficial programs for our veterans. We will rely on many to volunteer their time or offer it at a reduced rate.
    Mental health counselors - to provide group therapy sessions or workshops in stress management and PTSD management.
    Massage therapists – experienced, licensed therapists to offer massage therapy and stress relief.
    Career Counselors – to offer career advice, job placement help and support of both resume and interview training.
    Life Skills Mentors
    Nutritionists and cooking instructors – to offer classes on improving health and reducing stress through proper diet and nutrition
    Home Repair/Handyman – to offer home repair and maintenance workshops.
    Finance Professionals- understanding of basic finances and debit. The importance of a positive credit rating.
    Naturopath – to offer classes or workshops in alternative medicine options, focusing on natural health lifestyles.
    Recreational Guides
    Local experts – to help guide groups for fishing, camping, rafting, hiking, etc.
    Area sports complexes – Partner with companies (TopGolf, Boondocks, etc.) to sponsor free or discounted events for veterans.
    Local Businesses
    Professional Advisors – work with local CPA, Legal, SCORE, Insurance firms, etc. to offer classes or workshops focused on legal assistance, tax advice, insurance counseling and business start-up support.
    Area businesses – forge relationships with local companies to help with job placement programs and in-kind donations to support fundraising events, office supplies, etc.
    Donation Centers – work with local thrift stores such as Salvation Army, Catholic Community Services and Deseret Industries to help quickly attain vouchers for veterans and discuss other benefit opportunities.

  • Learn more
    Learn more

    Do you have questions about our vision or our goals? Please feel free to contact us or get on our email list so we can connect with you and discuss how you can use your knowledge and skills to show our veterans that we love and support them. Help us help them improve their lives.