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How We Help Veterans

The Vet:Ops6 Mission is to build a Resource Center and Veterans Only Gym to help veterans deal with the transition from military to civilian life.  The gym will give them a place to associate with other veterans as they work out and stay healthy and fit.


    Too many of our veterans have no safe place to vent their frustrations - feeling that no one has their back. Here they can come and connect with other veterans and discover that others have similar opinions and concerns. At this center, veterans will find what resources are available. There will be offices for life coaches and mentors. In addition, there will be several rooms for group classes and workshops, support staff and recreation. Specialists will guide utilization of current programs in education, employment and housing and aid in completing all VA benefits forms. There will also be an area for social interaction and recreation. (Could be free of charge, depending on the individual’s ability to either pay all, a portion or use VA benefits.) The basic rule of operation will be to provide the service they need. The center will require support funding and volunteer services.


    This will be for veterans/military persons. Our research has shown most veterans are reluctant to seek help on their own with non-veterans. They will not voluntarily walk into a counseling center and ask for help. In addition, we recognized that participating in physical activity with other veterans, led to discussing their challenges, frustrations and concerns within the group.

    We witnessed how a “private” gym for veterans provided a catalysis for drawing veterans together, developing relationships and providing a safe environment for sharing experiences. They all speak and understand the same language, thus creating a community of trust and support. This is the core of our vision. The physical, social and mental healing properties by working with other veterans provide the elements needed for veterans to help each other with issues like anger, PTSD and loneliness. The gym will have free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment.


    This will have offices for counselors and licensed therapists; rooms for yoga, life skill classes, group counseling and support, massage, iFloat, meditation and other therapy rooms. There will also be an area for social interactions.


    Planned group excursions and recreational outings – The Center will have planned outings such as fishing, camping, and hiking to allow veterans to engage and connect with like-minded souls. Sponsors will pay for many of these planned events.
    Competitions – We will host sponsored marathons and other competitions (fishing, fitness, etc.) as a way to engage with our veterans, the community, and sponsors. These will also be opportunities to raise additional funds.